The Colonel 1 Card, you can do it all!!

The Colonel 1 Card is provided to all registered students of the University at no charge and serves as the official identification card of the University. This card must be carried on you at all times. For security reasons and for selecting your refund preference students must activate the Colonel 1 Card. Regardless of whether or not you think you will receive a refund, you must activate your card for campus use. The Colonel 1 Card can also function as a debit card for those students who choose to activate this option.


All registered students must have a Colonel 1 Card, which will be valid any semester registered. Colonel 1 Card holders who have activated the debit functions of the card can continue to use these functions after graduation and departure from the University. University, all other campus uses will be suspended. For lost cards the current card replacement fee will be assessed.


Faculty & Staff include both part-time and full-time employees. All employees are eligible for a Faculty/Staff ID. Employee status takes precedence over student status. The Faculty/Staff ID will expire the last day of employment. Faculty/Staff must have their paperwork completed and processed by Human Resources, before being eligible to receive an ID card.