The One Account

The VibeAccount (Debit card function of the Colonel 1 Card)

Who Gets a VibeAccount?

Students may choose to open a VibeAccount when you activate your Colonel 1 Card. This is an additional benefit for students who wish to have a DEBIT account with no minimum balance, no monthly fee, and 0% liability.

The VibeAccount is ...

A fully functioning FDIC insured checking account that allows you to access your student refunds quicker and easier. The VibeAccount has no minimum balance, no monthly fees, and free Internet banking features. With it, you can use your Colonel 1 Card to make purchases anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted. Only through the VibeAccount is the debit function of your card available. Choosing the VibeAccount makes your refunds available the same day they are released by the University.

How is the Colonel 1 Card related to the VibeAccount?

Your Colonel 1 Card is used to access your VibeAccount. During activation, students have the option of selecting the VibeAccount. If you would like to change your refund preference to the VibeAccount you may do so at any time. Once you have activated the VibeAccount and you have available funds, the debit card functions will be activated and you may use your Colonel 1 Card as a debit card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

MasterCard Zero Liability

If you have activated the VibeAccount have peace of mind knowing your card issuer won’t hold you responsible for unauthorized purchases.

As a MasterCard cardholder your card issuer won’t hold you liable in the event of an unauthorized use of your U.S.-issued MasterCard card. This coverage extends to purchases made in a store, over the telephone, or online.

Zero Liability is provided under the following conditions:

  • Your account is in good standing.
  • You have exercised reasonable care in safeguarding your card.
  • You have not reported two or more unauthorized events in the past 12 months.
How can I check my account information?

Login to your account with the username and password setup during the original activation of the card.  Once on the website click the Vibe Account tab and then click Account Statement.  This screen will have your account balance, routing number and account number.

* Note: The VibeAccount is not associated with EKU. Questions regarding the VibeAccount should be directed to 1-800-815-5448 or